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An expressive dancing fest

In the heart of Yafa, an expressive dance festival unfolds, creating a safe place for women to express themselves and find the healing benefits of movement. This vibrant gathering offers a diverse range of workshops, encouraging presence and embracing the richness of our intricate realities as they are.
On stage, Palestinian women share the profound wisdom of their souls and bodies with others, creating a profound exchange of knowledge that underscores the strength of women supporting women. At its core, this festival believes in the healing potential of dance as a universal language of empathy, accessible to all, regardless of their identity and dance experience.


Flour&Co is a bakery with a sustainability twist. Inspired by my resourceful grandparents who wasted nothing, this project reimagines the use of stale bread. Instead of discarding it, we transform it into a variety of mouthwatering products.

Our goal is clear: to combat food waste by crafting delicious treats and culinary wonders from overlooked bread remnants. Flour&Co is a tribute to the wisdom of previous generations, proving that even the simplest ingredients can shine when given a second chance.

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